A man and a woman were killed by gunshots in a supermarket in Schwalmstadt, North Hesse. The police assume that the 58-year-old first killed the woman (53) and then himself on Tuesday. The officials said that witnesses to the crime had unanimously reported that.

“After the first investigations into the course of the crime, there is currently no evidence of the involvement of third parties.” There is no danger to the population or bystanders.

According to the police, the shots were fired shortly after 1 p.m. in a discount store in the Treysa district. “Two people were found lifeless in the market,” tweeted the police headquarters in North Hesse.

According to the public prosecutor’s office in Marburg, in addition to securing evidence at the scene of the crime, a search of the accused man’s apartment is also underway. The relationship between the two was unclear, as was the nationality of the alleged perpetrator. Witnesses are currently being questioned.

According to their own statements, the police deployed with strong forces. The area around the grocery store was cordoned off over a large area. “We are with numerous colleagues

The Hessian state parliament president Astrid Wallmann (CDU) reacted to the news during a state parliament session and thanked the emergency services in Schwalmstadt. On behalf of the state parliament, she expressed heartfelt condolences to the relatives. Wallmann informed the MPs between two speeches in the plenary debate that followed the government statement by Prime Minister Boris Rhein (CDU).