My concern is that the office of the Prime Minister of Canada has not given due consideration to the Chinese Communist Party’s interference in Canadian politics. It would be a serious error in judgment, especially after the humiliation suffered in the affair of the two Michaels. It is the credibility of the “Trudeau” brand that is at stake. Some in the Liberal Party of Canada will certainly show signs of impatience and frustration. It is internally that they will have to decide what to do next.

To be honest, we have to refer to Canada’s policies in 2016, which were very different from today. In 2016, we favored a rapprochement with China in order to increase our exports. Since the rapprochement of China and Russia, we see the danger after the invasion of Ukraine. Our policy towards China has changed.

China, like Russia, is an autocracy with little regard for human rights and democracy. It benefits from our trade revenues, but it sees us not as competitors, but as enemies. Foreign interference is very serious. It would be more than important that all the light be shed. Interference should be checked in all spheres and not only within the electoral system.

If it proves impossible to reimburse Chinese donors, they could be advised that the Trudeau Foundation and the University of Montreal are donating these funds to a foundation dedicated to combating Chinese disinformation.

All of this is a bit of window dressing and the leak of secret US documents is a good example. Social networks try to influence us with all their might and are partly responsible for the daily disinformation on the planet. Historically, countries spy on each other and interfere in the affairs of other countries. Not only politically, but also in all aspects of our private lives. Espionage has no bias. China is currently the villain of the day.

This is the beginning of the end for Justin Trudeau, the problem is that Pierre Poilievre is not the man for the job. The Liberal Party of Canada needs a new leader who is not involved in this scandal. Marc Carney, former Governor of the Bank of Canada, would be the solution.

Canada, which is a victim of Chinese interference, has interfered in Haiti. Maneuvers that go against the basic principles of democracy and Canadian values. According to Radio-Canada, “Canada intervened militarily in Haiti in 2004, jointly with the United States and France, in order to bring down the government of Jean-Bertrand Aristide”. Another case of Canadian interference in Haiti, the government of Stephen Harper participated in the grand scheme which consisted in fabricating the results of the 2010 elections in order to select Michel Martelly as president. This great friend of Canada who ruined his country before plunging it into the depths of anarchy is today sanctioned by the Trudeau government for corruption and financing of armed gangs.