in Germany, a little-known US hedge Fund Hudson Executive is one of the largest shareholders of the German Bank. Hudson-chief Douglas Braunstein told the Wall Street Journal, he now 3.1 percent, the largest German Bank. Deutsche Bank head Christian Sewing, welcomed the step. “Doug Braunstein and Hudson, Executive have a lot of experience with financial services companies,” he said. We appreciate the trust and confidence in the Management of the Bank and in the own strategy.

the percentage of manganese dioxide in the past few months, after the decline of the Deutsche Bank share has been established, Hudson is one of the largest shareholders of the Frankfurt institution. Topaktionäre the Emirate of Qatar with 6 percent, the US asset Manager, BlackRock, with 5.3 percent, and the Chinese conglomerate HNA, with 7.6 percent. The latter wants to reduce its participation, however, in the medium term. Among the largest shareholders of the US financial investor Cerberus is with a share of three percent.

Braunstein, former chief financial officer of U.S. Bank J. P. Morgan, said the newspaper, from his point of view, the German Bank is understood to be “misunderstood and undervalued”. He has, in his own words since 2017 with a possible involvement with the Institute.

Against a merger with Commerzbank

The Bank had made at the end of October for the first Time since 2014 for the full year, a profit in view. The boss of the group Sewing had to be replaced in April, the British John Cryan and Institute a restructuring of the prescribed the removal of thousands of Bodies, the partial retreat from the U.S., and equity trading. In addition, Sewing has increased the austerity of his predecessor.

Braunstein commended Sewing with clear words: “We would not have made this Investment if we did not think that he is the Right man for this Job.” A potential merger of Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank, the hedge Fund Manager is facing more reserved. Deutsche Bank have enough “own strength,” without such a merger. He, himself, was not engaged at Commerzbank.

Hudson Executive Capital New York was founded in 2015 and describes itself as active and constructive Investor. The Fund manages approximately $ 1.4 billion. The now acquired stake in Deutsche Bank is about $ 620 million. The German benchmark index, the Dax-listed stock of the institution was at noon on Thursday to 2.25 percent.