Lufthansa and the flight attendants ‘ Union Ufo quarrel over the payment for the leading officials. The Dax-group calls of the trade Union and the individuals concerned, personally, overall, a high six-digit amount that has been paid in the past four years as a salary. The staff would have done no flying hours, but also no exemption requested, informed of the Lufthansa.

The Union rejected the claim as “absurd and legally untenable”. Previously, the specialist portal and the mirror had reported about the dispute. “The operation will be assessed on our part as a transparent maneuver to discredit Ufo and its unpleasant protagonist,” said Ufo chief Nicoley Baublies. In a video message to the members he accused of Lufthansa, due to the conflict already-agreed-upon top-level talks on important themes to be cancelled.

The Union wants to currently speak with the group about the implementation of existing agreements. In addition, the Airline had announced its intention to Changes in the work of the flight attendants. Also about the Ufo wants to negotiate, the Lufthansa talks, rejects, and calls for, in the first instance, in its view, wrongly paid salaries would have to be paid back.

According to it comes to payments to trade Union chief Baublies, the tariff expert, Daniel Flohr and the former Ufo-in-chief Alexander Behrens. All three of the Board members of Ufo. The unionists will have between 2015 and 2018, a total of more than 800,000 euros, which were paid by the Lufthansa during collective bargaining as a salary. Normally Union members for collective bargaining of the work, the wage will be reduced accordingly, but the Union reimburses the salary for the employees by means of a function dependent on the lump sum. This must be an application. According to Lufthansa, the trade unionists should not have submitted such requests. An internal investigation should show according to the company, now, why the erroneous statements over the years is not noticed.

argument in the Union

In the Union, there had been an internal dispute, in the course of which the income of the protagonists discussed. Baublies had led as Collective negotiators in the past few years, the cabin staff strikes. He was also at the centre of an internal conflict of the Union, were, according to his representation in the meantime.

The mirror reported that the Union should reimburse Lufthansa for the former Ufo-Chairman Alexander Behrens and the current chief Nicoley Baublies half a Million euros. The lawyer of Behrens told the news magazine: “We will consider the allegations fully, and show that not a single Person belongs to the pillory.” There is “political backgrounds within the Ufo-Board”. You were the trigger for this “specific allegations”.