In garden weather, things have been quiet in many Thuringian polling stations so far. At 2 p.m. only one in three eligible voters had voted. A voter dies shortly before casting her vote in Bad Köstritz. Voting is possible until 6 p.m. The Thuringia election in the ticker.

4:31 p.m.: On the sidelines of the local elections in Thuringia, a death occurred on Sunday in a school building in Bad Köstritz (Greiz district) that was used as a polling station. A voter collapsed and died on the way to the polling station before casting her vote, said Greiz district returning officer Yvonne Gensicke when asked. The election continued afterwards. Further details were initially not known.  

The “Ostthüringer Zeitung” reported that a voter collapsed while waiting in the anteroom to the polling station and then died. According to the district returning officer, there is a single polling station in the affected school in Bad Köstritz.

In the local elections on Sunday in Thuringia, just over one in three eligible voters have cast their vote so far. At 2 p.m., voter turnout was 36.3 percent, according to the State Statistical Office. This is almost at the level of the local and European elections in 2019, when 36.4 percent of those eligible to vote had cast their ballots in the ballot box.

Postal voters are not included in this number. The polling stations are open until 6 p.m. Up to this point, postal voters who have not already sent in their voting documents can also hand them in at the polling stations. State returning officer Holger Poppenhäger also pointed out that voting at the polling station is possible even if voters have misplaced their voter notification card.

Decisions are made by 13 district administrators, 94 mayors and mayors, including those of the five independent cities, 1,025 district and local mayors, 17 district councils and more than 600 city and municipal councils.