Real estate developer Tinel Timu was shot and killed Thursday morning in Laval. As the case could be linked to organized crime, the Sûreté du Québec will take charge of the investigation, according to our information.

“Shortly after 7 a.m. a call was made to 911 for gunshots heard. When the police arrived on the scene, they found the victim lying on the ground outside, hit by a bullet. The police began resuscitation maneuvers. The victim was transported to the hospital, where we have just confirmed his death, ”explains Stéphanie Beshara, of the Laval police.

The murder occurred in front of a residence on rue du Havre, in the Chomedey sector, a few steps from the property of a company registered in the name of his wife.

Last September, the Permanent Anti-Corruption Unit (UPAC) arrested the 61-year-old businessman and one of his employees. They were accused of “attempting to bribe employees of the Montreal municipal administration in order to obtain undue advantages”.

During the same operation, the police also arrested the head of the Division des permis et inspections of the borough of Mercier–Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, Sadek Lazzouzi, for intervening on his behalf. He faces charges of breach of trust by a public official, according to the UPAC statement, which cited “a record of non-compliance with municipal bylaws.”

According to court documents, Tinel Timu controlled several companies active in real estate. In court in 2019, he declared himself the owner of 700 residential units in the Montreal area.

In 2014, he was expelled from a meeting of the Terrebonne city council after a vehement intervention in favor of one of his projects, in an old disused red brick factory.

In August 2021, the building in question, the former Moody factory, was the victim of a violent fire, a month after being sold to other promoters.

In 2016, a Montreal mafia lieutenant, Lorenzo Giordano, was shot and killed at close range in the parking lot of Laval’s Complexe Multisports, which is owned by a company chaired by Tinel Timu’s wife and owned by a trust.

In recent years, Tinel Timu has faced numerous civil lawsuits. According to court documents, he used nominees to conduct real estate transactions and resorted to false documents.

In 2021, the Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec sentenced broker Irina Dondikova to a $3,000 fine and 180 days of suspension for, among other things, making “false declarations” in the context of a transaction with a company of Tinel Timu and his wife. According to the ruling, they had arranged to have a purchase notarized at a lower price than first agreed with the seller.

The broker watchdog also ordered Irina Dondikova to stop doing business with the promoter.

His problems related to real estate transactions are not new. As early as 1993, a decision by the Labor Commissioner confirmed the dismissal of a Mouvement Desjardins employee for “deceitful maneuvers” that led to the signing of 2.4 million in “bad loans” to “speculators”, including Tinel Timu.

This decision tells how his partner, Alexandre Docmanov, had offered $ 1,000 and multiple goods to the employee of the Caisse populaire de Saint-Vincent-de-Paul for his “services”.

“The evidence first shows that the complainant received over the years gifts in kind or in money from the same real estate speculators whose loans had to be provisioned,” said commissioner Serge Lalande. Thus, the Complainant admitted to having received a watch from Mr. Docmanov, a Chinese piece of furniture from a person related to Mr. Docmanov (piece of furniture which he tried to sell for $2,000 to a colleague at work), a leather jacket from Mr. Docmanov, a ring from a lady Farkas, another person related to Mr. Docmanov (ring that he gave to his wife). »

The businessman was part of a group of ten citizens who received a medal from the National Assembly from the hands of the former deputy for Fabre in Laval, Monique Sauvé, in 2018.

“Great leaders of exception to the citizens of my riding, you are all leaders of emotion and heart,” said the former Liberal elected at the time, according to the local publication Néomédia. It was an immense privilege for me to recognize your immense contribution. »