Japan wants to get due to its rapidly aging society, more and more migrant workers into the country. In spite of fierce resistance on the part of the Opposition, the conservative coalition government announced a Revision of the immigration act, finally, by the house of lords. Of the law of 14 industries, in which there is acute labour shortage, including the construction and agricultural sector, the gastronomy, as well as the care of the elderly. The government wants to get the Reform that is to be used in April, in the first year 47.500 workers with limited duration of stay in Japan. Over five years, it will then be up to 345.000.

The number of foreign workers in Japan has doubled since 2012: there Were at that time still 680.000, there are now 1.28 million. A majority of them comes from China, followed by Vietnam and the Philippines.

Many of the came so far in Japan-working migrants, through an internship program in the country, serving Japan since 1993, emerging market countries. The aim of the programme is young people from these countries for five years in the workplace in Japan practical training. In fact, these are often as cheap labor under the most severe working conditions in factories or on the construction.

calls on The Japanese Opposition, that the working and living conditions of foreign labour are governed by forces, first in more detail before more people are brought into the country. Other opponents of the law argue, however, generally against a stronger Migration.