The number of persons employed in Germany increased by 2018 to a record level. According to provisional calculations of the Federal Statistical office, approximately 44.8 million people had an annual average employment in Germany. It has the highest number of employed since the reunification. Reasons for the development of an increased participation of the domestic population, as well as the immigration of foreign workers.

Overall, have found, therefore, in addition 562.000 people work, that is 1.3 percent more than in the previous year. In 2017, the growth rate of the rate of 1.4 percent. Most service sectors grew by 1.2 percent. The largest absolute share of the public service providers, education and health, followed by trade, transport and hospitality.

The number of so-called marginal workers, Employed Fewer self-employed and the unemployed

including slightly, on the other hand is in decline. Also, the number of self-employed including contributing family worker declined by 1.8 percent. Less the self-employed had been only in the year 2003.

The unemployment rate, i.e. the proportion of unemployed to the number of employed persons decreased compared to the previous year of 3.5 percent to 3.2 percent. Currently 1.5 million people in Germany have no work. The number decreased compared to the previous year, by 8.0 percent.