The report “Overdoses: the invisible epidemic” by journalist Philippe Mercure and graphic designer Maxime Jean is a finalist in three categories of the Awards for Excellence in Digital Publishing. Columnist Patrick Lagacé is also in the running for the best column.

As part of the 8th Annual Excellence in Digital Publishing Awards, the Canadian Media Awards Foundation announced Thursday the finalist media, projects and stories in more than 20 categories.

The report “Overdoses: the invisible epidemic” by journalist Philippe Mercure and graphic designer Maxime Jean, published in the fall of 2022, is a finalist in several categories, namely best thematic file, best feature article (long) and best digital design.

This report in the form of an eight-part digital story explores various angles of the overdose crisis that is shaking Quebec. We can discover that the victims of overdoses are not those we imagine, with ten portraits far from stereotypes. We also explore new data on the crisis in Quebec, solutions and bold projects to fight against the scourge.

For its realization, the team searched more than 1250 coroners’ reports and collected the testimonies of 18 people.

“Our goal with this digital story has always been to break down prejudices and help change mentalities about overdoses and drug users,” explains Philippe Mercure. Each new appointment brings visibility to the file and contributes to this objective. »

“This major dossier combines the tireless fieldwork of reporter Philippe Mercure with the virtuosity of graphic designer Maxime Jean, whose data visualizations and animations are the perfect counterpoint to a report that sensitively explores the delicate issue of overdoses”, says La Presse’s senior news director, Jean-François Bégin. “We are proud that this digital story, which also benefited from the assistance of several photographers and colleagues from other departments of La Presse, caught the attention of the jury both in substance and in form. »

“Overdoses: The Invisible Epidemic” is also a finalist for the World Association of Newspapers’ Best Journalism Project in America award, as well as the Global Media Awards, a series of prestigious awards presented by the International News Media Association, in the “Best Use of Visual Journalism and Storytelling Tools” category.

He recently found himself among the finalists of the competition for the best investigative journalism in Canada, presented by the Canadian Journalism Association.

Columnist Patrick Lagacé is also nominated in the category of best column for his text entitled “Dad, I want to get out of here”. In the latter, he recounts the tragic end of 22-year-old Amélie Champagne, who ended her life after her family tried to have her taken into psychiatric care. Twice rather than once.

“In the wake of this moving chronicle, the Chief Coroner of Quebec and the Minister for Health and Social Services, Lionel Carmant, have launched investigations into the death of Amélie Champagne, underlines Jean-François Bégin. Patrick Lagacé once again demonstrates his sense of storytelling, through a text whose tragic ending leaves the reader speechless. »

In total this year, The Globe and Mail has been cited 24 times for Excellence in Digital Publishing Awards. The Ontario newspaper is followed by Radio-Canada, with 14 citations, and The Narwhal, with 13. The daily Le Devoir also stands out with 7 selections.

The awards will be presented on June 2 at Arcadian Court in Toronto, Ontario.