25-year-old influencer Kendal Lindstrom has never been rejected by an employer. She has now shared her application tricks on Tiktok.

On TikTok, 25-year-old Gen Z influencer Kendal Lindstrom shared how she’s landed every job she’s applied for so far. Typically, after she was hired, employers would tell her, “There was nothing on your resume that told us you would do a good job in this field!”

That was “pretty funny,” says Kendal. Ultimately, enthusiasm and the right application strategy are more important than qualifications and experience.

To be useful to the company, you have to present yourself as a solution to its problems, says Kendal. As an applicant, you should always first inquire about the needs of your superiors and colleagues.

So she usually asks what strengths and weaknesses her job predecessor had. In this way, she gets an idea of ​​the wishes and concerns of her superiors. Then ask her something like: “What will you miss most about her?”

When an interviewer once told her that her predecessor always brought “something from Starbucks,” she immediately replied: “Great! Then I will continue to bring you something from Starbucks!”

Gen Z influencer Kendal also says that you have to show the employer that you take your opportunities seriously. After each interview, she asks several times to find out the status of the application. She always wants to “be ahead and be the person they choose.”

Even after she was hired, she constantly asked for feedback. For example, after getting a job in the technology industry without any relevant experience, she read a book about technology for an hour every day after work. She then wrote a note in her boss’s calendar:

“I learned that yesterday! Now please tell me how you have personally applied this when dealing with customers.”

A recent study showed what expectations Generation Z has of their employers. Accordingly, young employees do not want to be controlled or corrected by their superiors. They want “unrestricted trust”, responsibility, free time, a good salary and frequent feedback from their boss.

But that’s not all: Gen Z also wants to be able to give their boss regular positive and negative feedback – so that he too can improve.

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