The world climate conference has agreed on an implementation agreement for the Paris climate Treaty. The announced conference President Michal Kurtyka, after no one raised in the plenary objections. The rule book is considered to be an important step in international climate policy.

representatives from 196 countries and the EU, had struggled in Poland for two weeks the rules according to which States in the future about their plans and progress in climate protection reports. Comparability and transparency are important, given that the Paris agreement is based on mutual trust and sanctions is not provided for, if countries are to move forward.

The Paris agreement is to limit global warming to well below two degrees compared to pre-industrial levels, a maximum of 1.5 degrees. Currently, the earth is heading for a warming of at least three degrees.

The final plenary session of the UN conference on climate change had begun after repeated delays. The negotiator had travelled “a long way,” said Kurtyka on Saturday evening, before delegates from nearly 200 countries. The world climate conference was supposed to end on Friday.

“1,000 small steps forward”

Controversial were questions about financial aid from the richer countries to the poorer. The climate-change vulnerable countries had also demanded a clear Signal that it needs greater efforts in climate protection, in order to limit the dramatic consequences. Until recently, there was also Anger the international trade in pollution rights.

conference President Kurtyka stressed in the climate negotiations, it is a matter not of national interests but a sense of humanity, and the responsibility for future generations. The decisions were “1,000 small steps forward. You can be proud of.”

The next UN climate summit is taking place in Chile. According to data of the Ministry of the environment, the Meeting is planned for either December 2019 or January 2020.