Julia Roberts and her close-knit, loving family with husband Danny Moder are the stuff of Hollywood happy-ever-afters. First, you establish yourself as a star in Hollywood; then you go on a long, passionate relationship away from prying eyes; finally you raise your family and let your children shine in the spotlight. It’s almost impossible to achieve any of these dreams in Hollywood. But Roberts and Moder managed it with their three children Hazel, Phinnaeus and Henry as they grew into their teens. Only the occasional photo was made public, most recently a set of photos shared by their parents to celebrate their twins Hazel (17th). We were able to get a rare glimpse into Roberts’ family as their two oldest children celebrated this important year. It made us realize how hard they have worked to protect their kids’ privacy throughout the years. You can tell that they don’t bow to pressure to share photos. This is just a family moment that they want to share.

Moder’s birthday picture of the twins captures a moment more recent in the Roberts-Moder household. Moder wrote: “These rabble rousers…17 today.” “Thank you for supporting me through fatherhood,” Moder wrote beneath a photo of Hazel and Phinnaeus at the breakfast table.

Julia Roberts’ birthday post of appreciation dated back to when she was a mother to twins and held babies Hazel (and Phinnaeus) in her arms. “17 of my best years” She wrote:

Although Hazel made an impressive red-carpet debut at Cannes 2021 in 2021 , Phinnaeus has mostly stayed out of the public eyes — and we are delighted to see that his mother’s famous red hair is still with him. Roberts and Moder are both moving closer to becoming empty nesters in a year. This may be why they’re reflecting on their time together and sharing sweet photos of the 17 years since. We wish one of their last homebirthdays was the most joyful yet!