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Joe Kaeser to read just told of his time at the Realschule in lower Bavaria, as his press Secretary from the passenger seat of the car ranges from the telephone to the rear. The CEO of Siemens on the American West coast on the way from San Francisco to Sacramento. There he wants to visit a Zugfabrik of his group. On the phone, an employee from the second vehicle. You take care of on the way to Kaesers communication, and one of the speakers, and a safety man to the small group, with the help of Joe Kaeser is touring this week in March 2019 by America.

Kaeser accepts the phone.

“this afternoon? … Should I call him? … I have the mobile number. I’ll call him in two minutes.”

Kaeser gives the phone back to the front. Now he’s searching for on his own device has a number, while he talks more about his Childhood and the fact that school was important, the homework he had made, if necessary, in the Bus, in the mornings he went by the lower-Bavarian countryside.

Then he found the number. He says: “I would now call on the Governor of Ohio.”

This article dates back to the TIME no 19/2019. Here you can read the entire issue.

Kaeser chooses the number, at the other end, someone stands immediately. Kaeser says: “Hi, this is Joe Kaeser. The Governor is Kasich?”

John Kasich candidate for the presidential nomination of the Republicans, and by January the Governor of the U.S. state of Ohio. After two terms in office he was not allowed to run. In his party he is an influential man. Currently, he indicates to want to be in 2020 against the President Donald Trump to compete.

Kaeser reported from the trip: California, beautiful weather, Zugfabrik, Sacramento. Then a long Pause, Kasich is talking about. Kaeser: “… Nice. … Cool. … You’re kidding! … Aha. … Haha.”

After a few minutes of Small Talk Part is about to end. Kaeser goes to work.

The Chairman of the Board, has on this trip, many missions, one of which is the Americans and their President to teach that Siemens is an American company.

In October, Siemens has signed an agreement with Iraq. The group is supposed to build in the war-scarred country’s power plants and electricity networks, and several billion dollars in cash. The American government was not enthusiastic. In view of the many in Iraq fallen US soldiers she demands that the contract was awarded to the American Siemens rival General Electric. So, trump made people pressure in Baghdad. Kaeser sought the support of the Federal government, he flew again to Iraq. In the meantime, there was a change of government. The thing is now very confusing.

in Order not to lose the order, the Chairman of Siemens and its lobbyists have for many months, to leave two Numbers in the environment of the American President. The ambitious Kasich should know these Figures. Kaeser says into the phone: “When I read all the Tweets from the White house, I wonder, how should we, as a company with 50,000 people and more than 16 billion euros in sales in the United States deal with to be as Strangers to be treated.” So Kasich understands what it says about Kaeser: “We want to be treated as a company, the qualified and well-paid Jobs for hardworking American men and women.”

Before he hangs up, suggests Kaeser, a Meeting and encourages the Governor to a renewed candidacy for the U.S. presidency. He says: “Everyone waits for you to attack again.”

During this drive Kaeser suggests often to the mountains and the bridges to look at. In the case of flights over California, he organized for his fellow travelers seats at the window so you can see everything. It looks as if he was a bit proud of. In fact, the United States he has become in the nineties, so much to the home that he has even adapted his name. From Josef Käser, he has made Joe Kaeser.

at the Time, he was chief financial officer of Siemens Microelectronics, headquartered in Silicon Valley. Today, he is Chairman of Siemens for the whole world and lives with his wife in lower Bavaria. The name of America, he has to keep. Previously, he was the cheesemaker Sepp. Only the last name, then first name, in lower Bavaria. And now, after the long way from the Sepp on the Joseph to Joe on the phone he is naturally a man who can handle the most powerful office in the world. He is now 61 years of age, to the Sepp of the time, the Bavarian color reminds in his English. Otherwise, the secondary school in lower Bavaria, is at this Moment quite far away.

Kaeser said after the phone call: “It is always good to rely on those again later.”

The 172-year-long history, Siemens is also a story of the business with the state. The founder, Werner von Siemens sent his brothers to the UK, to Russia and to present-day Georgia, where they offered the local governments to use their Telegraph lines. Today all States to buy in addition to large companies around the world, power plants and electricity networks, trains, and medical technology, wind power plants, and factories of the group. A contract with Siemens, which, for many presidents and Prime Ministers, such as: a partnership with Germany.

Siemens chief makes a very special CEO. Its success also depends on how well he is understood by politicians all over the world.

Joe Kaeser, in turn, is a very special Siemens President and CEO. It is not always clear whether he’s doing business or politics. Sometimes it seems as if he understand not, as an industrial Manager, but as the industrial Registrar.

A small selection:

The history of Siemens – a Inventor and legacy of The founder

The history of Siemens, an inventor and his legacy

Werner von Siemens (1816-1892) is the fourth of 14 children of a Gutspächters in Hannover. As a young man, he gets in the military at the officer school of engineering the scientific training, and taking care of after the death of his parents to his younger siblings. Together with Johann Georg Halske, he founded in 1847 telegraphen – bauanstalt von Siemens & Halske. In 1888, he is charged by the Emperor Frederick III. in the nobility.