After the criticism of the coverage of unemployment the job centres to control their information on a regular basis. There is a corresponding instruction was entered into force, said a spokeswoman for the Federal Agency for work. In case of discrepancies, accordingly, the Figures should be corrected.

work Agency in response to a notice of the Federal court of auditors, which had made by the end of February on comprehensive possible detection error in the case of the Hartz-IV-recipients attention. In a hitherto unpublished report by the auditors to write according to the news Agency dpa that the job centre had recently reported about 290,000 people with a false Status to the Federal Agency. A total of 115,000 unemployed people, which were not recorded as such were missing in the published unemployment statistics. The court of auditors was based on a sample of 770 cases in 219 centres.

The wrong documentation shall be concluded according to the auditors, and the auditors mainly due to the lack of consultations about the end of an Integration scheme. Accordingly, the job centre had not noticed possible Changes in your customers in a conversation. In addition, the documentation was very complicated. “All the data of the customers of the job center, the Status will be recognized in the conversation, and manually entered,” said the Federal Agency for work. You have in mind, however, hundreds of pages full of rules. As the auditors noted, ignored, controlled or surveyed the employees of the many and often non-binding AIDS.

The new Directive becomes mandatory, the job centre now to use on a regular basis automated test systems, said the spokesperson. Such cases are to be found, in which the Status or the data of data in the IT System of the Federal Agency appear to be implausible or inconsistent. The instruction was coordinated with the Federal Ministry of labour, local government associations and the Federal States.

However, the nature of the statistical coverage in the criticism, because again and again the legislature changes the method of counting. So all the people without work do not apply, for example, officially as the unemployed. That participants do not count in measures of active labour market policy, for example, a change in the law from the year 2004. Since 2008, IV recipients aged 59 years also apply Hartz as unemployed if you were offered a year of no employment. The Federal Agency criticized this at the time in a statement That jobs were missing, to become the criterion for people from the unemployment statistics to exclude. The use of the work Agency the “risk of an allegation of Manipulation of unemployment figures”.

The Federal employment Agency had published for the unemployment in Germany in February to new record low values. With approximately 2,373 millions of people they reached, therefore, the lowest for a February since the reunification. The new test procedure to make the Figures in the future more reliable.