The leading Association of health insurance funds (GKV) calls for more office hours, so that NHS patients faster doctor get appointments. To increase the required Minimum office hours 20 to 25 hours a week was “absolutely right and necessary”, – said the Deputy Chairman of the Shi head Association, Johann Magnus von Stackelberg. According to him, many Doctors would offer fewer less than 25 hours of talk time per week.

The Bundestag will advise on this Thursday the Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) submitted date of service and supply act. It should ensure that the practice doctors need to offer at least 25 hours a week for the legally Insured. Thus, a sufficient medical care in previously unserved areas should be ensured.

in Addition, to be created with the law, among other things, economic incentives for Doctors in rural regions, as well as the catalogue expands the statutory health insurance with additional offers.

According to a Forsa survey for the Shi head Association, General practitioners and specialist doctors on average 29 hours per week of talk-time for NHS patients. However, 25 percent of the surveyed offices indicated that less than 25 hours of talk time included home visits to offer. Eight percent of the clinics even offer less than 20 hours.