(Quebec) Jean Charest is not done with the government of Quebec. In his lawsuit, the former prime minister adds allegations of abuse of process.

The information, first reported on Monday by TVA Nouvelles, was confirmed by La Presse Canadienne by a source close to the former prime minister.

Recently, Mr. Charest won his case against the Quebec government and UPAC, which he accused of having made his personal information public. Quebec will have to pay him $385,000.

The Superior Court ruling said it allowed the former prime minister to add allegations of abuse of process within 30 days.

The former prime minister had filed a lawsuit against the Quebec state after details of the Mâchurer investigation – about the financing of the Quebec Liberal Party – of UPAC were released to the media in 2017.

Mr. Charest was not charged in connection with this investigation, where he was mentioned as a “person of interest”, but he believed that the disclosure of information had tarnished his reputation.