A court in Tokyo has consented to the release of the detained car Manager Carlos Ghosn on bail. It dismissed the appeal of the Prosecutor against the pre-arranged release. Ghosn is allowed to leave the prison, therefore, on Wednesday, as soon as the Deposit is deposited in an amount equivalent to EUR 7.9 million.

The 64-Year-old, who saved the automaker Nissan from bankruptcy and together with Renault and Mitsubishi, a powerful international Alliance had built up, was in November for violation of stock exchange requirements was detained and later been accused. He is accused, moreover, to have private investment losses on the Nissan transfer. In court, the Manager protested his innocence.

the end of February had asked Ghosn for the third Time a request to be released on bail. His lawyer, Hironaka questioned the reasons for the arrest and described the case as “very strange”. With a view to the attention that has attracted the case not only in Japan but worldwide, he said: “It is important for the history and the society.” A date for a trial against Ghosn.

Nissan Ghosn had dismissed shortly after the arrest, at Renault he later resigned. Also, the French group launched investigations into possible irregularities, and wants to complete it until spring.