The Japanese prisoners at the end of the previous Board of Directors head of Renault partner Nissan, Carlos Ghosn, has rejected the accusations against him. “Your honor, I’m innocent,” said the 64-year-old car Manager at his first appearance before the court in Tokyo. “I am unjustly accused,” he read from a written statement. He had “legally and with the Knowledge and approval” of the competent company bodies traded.

The presiding judge said that in view of the statements of those involved, as well as Ghosn even possible that Nissan damage had been caused. The court considers that the detention is necessary to prevent the possibility that evidence against Ghosn will be destroyed or tampered with. In addition, escape was a risk.

Ghosn said he Nissan spent on the heart. For 20 years he had worked with dedication for the group. He had requested the public hearing, to be able to learn the concrete reason for his imprisonment and take a stand. According to his son Anthony he should get ten minutes of time.

The former Manager was on 19. November have been arrested. He is suspected in Japan for years to low income declared and the commercial capital of the car manufacturer Nissan is enriched. The prosecution accuses Ghosn also have personal losses in investments on the Nissan transfer. Nissan and Mitsubishi sold Ghosn after his arrest as Chairman of the Board. At Renault, he is still CEO.