Supertruck production begins

Hummer has returned to business.

The first 2022 GMC Hummer EEV On Friday, the Hummer name was resurrected on a new vehicle. The all-electric pickup will be rolled off the assembly lines at GM’s Factory Zero in Michigan.

The Hummer EV VIN 001 was sold earlier this year at a charity auction for the Stephen Siller Tunnels To Towers Foundation for $2.5 Million It is actually an Edition 1 fully-loaded model with a starting price $112,495.

Three electric motors power the pickups, which are open-top and heavy duty. They have a combined horsepower of 1,000 hp. The range between charges is 329 miles.

CNBC was informed by Mark Reuss, President of GM, that Edition 1 will only be available for 1,200 units. Lower-priced models will then follow. GMC previously stated that the next trim would not be available until fall 2022.

Along with the Hummer news, GM also confirmed the first deliveries for its new Brightdrop electric commercial vans FedEd will be deploying them in the Los Angeles region next year.