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“Una rivoluzione per il lavoro read,” announces the sonorous voice from the Off: a Revolution for the world of work. On all the TV channels of Italy advertising runs in these days spot government for the new System of basic security. On 1. May 2019, it will enter into force, at least for all those who have submitted by the end of this week of your request.

A Revolution is, in fact, on the Italian welfare state, even when they do less Work than the unemployment of the country. It is mainly due to the Five-star movement under your boss Luigi Di Maio, Vice-Premier and economic and Minister of labour. With your promise of a Reddito di cittadinanza, a citizens income, they had won a year ago in the parliamentary elections, a sensational 33 percent in the poor regions of the South they had obtained up to 50 percent.

For this promise, they had to cost in the autumn of the fierce budget dispute between the Italian government and the EU Commission in Brussels by fencing, because the base backup is at least seven billion euros a year. For the economically lame and highly indebted country a lot of money.

poverty could vigorously

be alleviated Now so it is so far, about four to five million citizens will benefit from the new power. “We create poverty,” said Di Maio, the Parliament adopted the new regulation. This is a strong Exaggeration, as well as the term citizens income is somewhat misleading. Because Italy will by no means, an unconditional basic income, as the Name suggests, and it is far from the poverty to the end.

Because the services to be provided are as lush and measured, and the conditions in your enjoyment, are reasonably defined closely. A whole bunch of conditions must be satisfied in order for performance is granted. The full rate is only payable if the household income is zero; the one who brings about 9.300 euros a year, according to home, they need to no application. Out also, have a cash of about 6,000 euros, as well as those who have purchased in the last six months, a car, and have a car with over 1,600 cubic inches of engine displacement.

Maximum of 500 euros per month for a stand-Alone, or in families for the head of household, spouse, another 200 euros, for children just 100 per head. Also, living in a rented apartment, in addition to 280 euros. A family with two children, living for rent, has to do with 1.180 Euro, even if the rent is 500 Euro.

This is abolished poverty hardly – but you could be strongly alleviated. With the basic security of Italy closes in on finally to the other welfare States of Western Europe, granted to those citizens that have nothing, at least a minimum level of subsistence. Five million “absolutely poor”, the statistical office Istat in the country; with the term it means people can’t afford basic things that you can buy for example a new Pair of shoes when the old is over, which may not provide even adequate nutrition, not to mention meat or fish on the table.