Apple has for the first time missed since the invention of the iPhone, its sales forecast. The Christmas business of the American company delivery worse than expected. For the three months to 29. December 2018, Apple computing, only with a turnover of 84 billion US dollars, it said in a letter to the Apple chief Tim Cook to the Investors. Previously, Apple had expected to be 89 to 93 billion US dollars.

The group chief attributed the forecast, especially on the poorer sales of the iPhone in China. “We have underestimated the strength of the economic downturn, especially in China,” wrote Tim Cook. In the trade dispute where the US and China surpassed customs duties for various goods that were not Apple products have been the target of the Chinese government, said Cook in an Interview with the TV channel CNBC. Maybe some Chinese consumers would have chosen but, nevertheless, aware of against the purchase of a product of a US company.

Also in some other markets, not so many users were switched to the indoor on the new iPhones as intended, acknowledged Apple. Specific countries, the Tech group is not called. The iPhone is the most important Apple product and brought in around 60 percent of the total revenues. The Christmas quarter is traditionally regarded as the most important thing for the company. After the announcement of the forecast, Apple shares fell in after-hours trading at times of around seven percent. Detailed Figures for the Christmas quarter, Apple wants to on 29. January 2019 to publish.

According to experts, the company’s problems in China are made partly house. Despite signs that the Chinese economy is slowing, the group held to its pricing strategy and relied on expensive equipment. The strong Dollar pushed up the prices for the Smartphones and Tablets of the US group in China.

Apple had already subdued at the beginning of November, the expectations in high sales. At the time, Tim Cook was concerned that production could provide problems in the Christmas business for bottlenecks. May be, the company will not be able to compete in the production of new iPhones, iPads, and other devices with the demand.