dispute with the United States and during increasing criticism from Europe is in the Middle of the trade of China to foreign companies and investors. At the conclusion of his annual meeting of the national people’s Congress adopted a new investment law, which addresses the discrimination against foreign companies in China and fair competition.

The state must protect “copyrights,” and ensure that foreign companies “at a disadvantage”, but on an equal footing can have a part in the competition, it said in a previously published explanation of the legal text. 2.929 delegates of the non-freely elected Parliament voted in favour, eight against. A further eight abstained.

experts in the law, a Signal to the United States, but Europe, too, that the government in Beijing is taking further steps to open up the market. Despite substantial improvements, the Chinese leadership can be difficult, but also foreign companies access to the market.

The U.S. government accuses China in the current trade conflict with the intellectual theft of U.S. technology. Also, foreign companies would be disadvantaged systematically in China. Similar criticism is also from Europe. As a reaction to the political and economic power of China had to strive for the EU Commission on Tuesday held a ten-point plan submitted, so that European interests are safeguarded.

US President Donald Trump is expecting in the coming weeks with news on the dispute with China. “It will be New to China,” he said at an event in the White house. “I guess we’ll know in three or four weeks on one or the other type decision.” He added that the Beijing government acted very responsibly and reasonably.