The German army is apparently missing an Irist-T missile. Insiders confirmed this. According to German army circles, this is a security-related problem.

Glitch in the German army: According to research by Business Insider, the troops are currently missing an Iris-T guided missile. Several insiders have confirmed this to the editorial team.

The weapon is not only expensive – priced at 250,000 euros per unit – but also one of the most modern weapons in the armed forces. It can use an infrared seeker to precisely hit aircraft, drones and missiles at a distance of up to 40 kilometers. Several of these systems were also delivered to Ukraine for air defense so that soldiers there can protect themselves against Russian attacks.

According to reports, the loss of the missile was discovered a few days ago when the weapons were being loaded in North Rhine-Westphalia. It is currently being investigated whether the Iris-T may be mistakenly on a container ship heading for the USA. At least it contains neither ammunition nor fuel. However, the seeker head is also a security-related problem, as it contains crypto technology, according to Bundeswehr sources.