The girl left a note describing her kind gesture

A girl in Indiana inspired her neighborhood this week using a kind gesture to honor her late son.

When Carolyn Mick went to get a cake from her local Kroger in Plainfield, Indiana, she discovered someone had paid for it.

In the note, Toni clarified that her son had died five years back and she wished to honor his memory by simply buying Mick’s cake.

“In his memory I have paid for your cake. Please enjoy, make exceptional memories and hug your kids and loved ones tight. My son loved cake!”

Mick posted a picture of the note in a neighborhood Facebook group and said she was moved to tears by Toni’s kindness and message.

“Dear Toni. . You know who you are and I need to express how moved I am,” Mick wrote. “This means so much that my husband and I cried together. Together with the chaos of things happening it reminds us of what actually matters LIFE!”

Many commenters on the post were also moved and inspired by Toni’s gesture.

“Wow. This is simply amazing,” one person wrote. “Definitely brought the tears when reading this. What an wonderful way for Toni (Tyler’s mom) to take his heritage on.”

I hope this makes us better humans!”

“I really like this idea,” another person said. “What a gorgeous way to keep his memory alive through some thing he loved. Touching another family in the exact same moment.”

Mick told People that her mother had recently died and she wasn’t certain how she was planning to mark her forthcoming birthday next month. Now she’s an idea.

“I only lost my mom and was thinking on how best to celebrate her birthday coming up in June,” Mick said. “Never thought about paying for a cake. We’ve got it in us to become kind and supportive others. You never know exactly what a very simple cake can mean to somebody else.”