(Bogotá) Colombian President Gustavo Petro has called for the resignation of his entire government, which is facing difficulties in getting its bills approved in Congress, three of his ministers told AFP on Wednesday.

This request, confirmed by senior officials on condition of anonymity, was not formalized by Mr. Petro, the country’s first left-wing president. On Tuesday, he tweeted about a “government overhaul” after ending alliances with mainstream mainstream parties.

In power since August 7, Gustavo Petro has not achieved the profound changes he promised during his election campaign in the areas of work, health, retirement and justice.

The Liberal Party, the Conservative Party and the U (centrist) Party, which distanced themselves from the government on Tuesday, opposed its initiatives.

At a public event, Gustavo Petro argued that an “emergency government” should be installed in Colombia “since Congress has not been able to approve simple and very peaceful articles” on equitable distribution of land.

So far, none of the government ministers has tendered their resignation.

The first executive formed by the president relied on the center, the right, and academia. Since coming to power, Gustavo Petro has had to face several resignations and at the end of February he had dismissed three of his ministers.