City In a building in the Godshuizenlaan, compared to the TRIBE hondenadoptiecafé Dogs and Drinks for the doors to open. After a couple of pop-upedities has a heart and soul Who In a permanent home has been found for this initiative.

In took the inspiration for his idea of kattenadoptiecafé Dreamcatchers in the city centre. “I was just wondering if there is a similar initiative was for the dogs, but that turned out to be in Ghent is not to be the case, in fact, we were the first hondenadoptiecafé of the country.”

On Sunday, the visitors are able to meet up with five or ten dogs, most of whom are in search of a new home. This works for Dogs, and Drinks, along with the organizations that are animals. “With all of the dogs are allowed to roam free. We have a cafe so arranged that they will be able to dwell among the people, but also to be able to sit alone in a quiet place,” says Kenis. “Everything we do is for the well-being of your dog comes first. All the dogs in Dogs & Drinks and stay in, which are selected on the basis of their character, and, to the extent that they feel comfortable with people and other dogs as well.”