After three years of losses in a row has earned the Deutsche Bank 2018 a profit. As the largest German money house announced in Frankfurt, at the end of the fiscal year, an increase of 341 million euros after a loss of 735 million euros in the previous year. Also, shareholders should benefit by way of dividend of 11 cents per share. In the past years, the Institute had the shareholders a mandatory dividend distributed.

“The return to the profit zone shows that Deutsche Bank is on the right path,” said the head of the German Bank, Christian Sewing. This year it is going to further reduce costs and at the same time invest in growth. To Sewing to drive the reduction of progress: by the end of the year, the German Bank should have less than 90,000 employees. So far, the reduction in the course schedule, it said.

Sewing-founded the savings and the reduction of staff, especially with the simultaneously presented Figures for the fourth quarter. In this period, Deutsche Bank made a loss of 409 million Euro. Especially the trade with securities, once one of the most important areas of the group weakened, the income fell by 23 percent to 786 million euros.

problems in the investment banking and asset management

The total year, the investment banking business, which includes trading in securities, the consulting business in mergers and Acquisitions, as well as the accompaniment of the customer in the case of IPOs, saw significant losses. The income fell by more than a billion euros to around 13 billion euros. Before tax 530 million euros remain. In 2017, the tax had been your result of 1.1 billion euros.

Also in asset management, Deutsche Bank has problems. Here is the result of 732 halved to EUR 367 million. The Private and corporate customer business, in which Postbank is included, however, could keep the revenues stable and earnings from 465 to 829 million Euro.

The Deutsche Bank will not come for years, out of the crisis. In 2015, the former Chairman of the Board John Cryan had reported a record loss of 6.7 billion euros. In 2016, the Minus was due to a billion penalty in the United States at 1.4 billion euros. In 2017, the US tax reform, which had led the German Bank to a strain of 1.4 billion euros, had prevented, then make a profit.