In Novosibirsk, Soviet snapping marmalade with hedgehogs on the package

Soviet-nostalgic many products. Rave reviews older relatives about insanely delicious and high quality sweets are impressive: everything was done strictly according to the GOST. Chocolate factory “Novosibirsk” continues this great tradition and released a jelly mold marmalade, which has already conquered Novosibirsk.

Natural base — all about apples

As of the Novosibirsk manufacturer claims, they make marmalade pectin is a natural component that is found in many fruits. Most of the pectin is in apples, which are rich in iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and dozens of vitamins.

Pectin plays an important role in the production of marmalade: it allows the fruit to thicken the mass. And to his credit — a large number of useful properties. Pectin helps to improve digestion, develop useful intestinal flora, cleanse the blood, reduce bad cholesterol, remove toxins and wastes.

People who work on contaminated plants or environmentally unsafe areas, recommend eating marmalade on the basis of pectin. This natural component is able to excrete heavy metals, radioactive elements, pesticides. It eliminates pathogens and infections, thereby helping to activate the friendly bacteria that enhance the health of the person.