Calli’s joy about her new job only lasted for a short time. After less than a week she receives the termination notice – this is a stroke of luck for the young woman.

Calli Nguyen was fired after just three days in her new job as director of digital marketing. But instead of being annoyed, she explains to “Business Insider” why she was ultimately happy about it. Because as she says, “everything” just went wrong.

Even before Calli started her job at a medical spa, she had reservations about the company. The reason for this was negative reviews on Google, including reports from former employees who had quit after just two weeks.

The first conflicts arose when Calli tried to use analytics to improve the company’s online presence – but her boss insisted on using “stock photos and outdated fonts”.

On the third day of work, Calli found it too much. “But she [the boss, note d. Red.] refused to accept anything I had to say. So I followed her creative lead – until these demands overwhelmed me,” she tells Business Insider.

Her boss also asked Calli to research information about competitor products. But according to her own statement, she was not prepared for this task. In addition, that would not be part of her original area of ​​responsibility. The young worker complains: “I didn’t know what to research, nor did anyone ask me to find out about competitors’ products when the project was explained to me.”

A heated conversation then ensued, in which Calli finally asked for a short break to breathe deeply. But this is denied to her by her boss. Instead there is termination. “To be fair: I wanted to quit anyway, but she was quicker,” says Calli. Because she had vowed to “never allow herself to be treated disrespectfully at work again.”

Even though the young woman “felt like a failure at first,” she quickly saw the termination no longer as a setback, but as an opportunity. “The world of work is constantly changing, and employers need to be open to flexibility, growth and change,” she said, according to Business Insider.

She doesn’t accept the accusation that Generation Z, to which she herself belongs, is simply lazy and can’t stand anything anymore: “We all want the same thing: we want to be valued by our employers, to be able to enjoy our job and our working environment and a receive adequate training to be successful.”

The young workers know “that there is a better place for us if we don’t get what we want from a job.” That’s why Calli now works in an advertising agency. There they would be respected, their mental health would be promoted and there would be a pleasant working atmosphere. Calli isn’t the only one who has specific ideas about what her employer should be like. Generation Z is in a “boycott era” of companies that do not share their own values.

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