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Huawei read-in-chief Ren Zhengfei, journalists, rarely gives Interviews. He shuns the Public. To not have transparency, most of the companies will be obliged in the people’s Republic of China. Huawei has since closed, normally.

But the times for China’s most successful technology company, are not normal. Worldwide, there are concerns that Huawei’s equipment supplied to be a security risk. The fear is that the company could have built on behalf of China’s Communist leadership and espionage technology. The US has banned Huawei network technology already. The government is urging other States to refrain from Expansion of their networks on technology of the Chinese. Australia, new Zealand, Japan and the United Kingdom complied with this request already.

the management of The company Huawei has launched a PR Offensive, and their branches worldwide are encouraged to interact with journalists to organize press briefings to give the tweeting and Interviews. Last week, the group invited German reporters to visit the Cyber security labs of Huawei to Dongguan in southern China.

Shortly before the founder and the Supervisory Board were Chairman Ren the Financial Times in an Interview. In it, he said Huawei was “never a request from a government to send illegal information.” And: “I love my country, I support the Communist party, but I will never do anything to hurt any country in the world.”

The prosecution’s list of USA’s long –

Huawei is a privately held company. The company’s founder, Ren belong to 1.4 percent of the company. The Rest, about 80,000 of a total of 180,000 employees. Anyone who retires from the shareholders of the company, has to sell his shares. The leadership of the Communist party of China (CP) does not depend on it, assures the company. Nevertheless, Huawei has become a political issue and a target for the USA.

The last allegations weigh heavy. Financial fraud, theft of trade secrets, conspiracy, obstruction of justice, violations of sanctions – that the official charges to the U.S. Department of justice against the technology group.

Superficially, it goes to Iran and industrial espionage. Huawei have made two subsidiary companies transactions with the Mullah-Regime and against existing sanctions failed. The co-defendant also chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou, the daughter of the group founder. Canadian authorities had taken them at the behest of the United States in December. Their extradition to the United States is already requested.

another accusation goes back to the year 2013. At that time, Huawei was flown-staff, as he wanted to steal during a visit to the US branch of T-Mobile’s blueprints for a robot. This had led to a mild civil penalty. Nevertheless, the U.S. Department of justice, has brought out the case again, now with a full gun against Huawei.

The spying allegations are thin

a lot of business injurious to the company, the spying allegations, however, the the United States to collect already for quite some time. In 2012, the US had warned intelligence services for the first time, Huawei could be tapped via its supplied network technology on behalf of China’s Communist leadership and safety-relevant data. Members of Congress, both the Democrats and the Republicans, joined in this criticism. As a proof of the realization that Huawei CEO Ren was once an engineer of the people’s liberation army, and until today a member of the Communist party is enough for you, among other things. Accordingly, he would maintain close Links with the Chinese state and party leadership.

These should not be dismissed out of Hand. However, all large companies in China are dependent on cooperation with the Chinese leadership and most of the big entrepreneurs also a member of the KP. Party secretaries are required in all the companies. This also applies to foreign companies that are active in China.