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Each Fourteenth read lives in a small apartment. According to new data from the Federal Statistical office. Therefore, seven percent of the people in Germany are living in an overcrowded-defined apartment.

Particularly often vulnerable people and Single life, therefore, of poverty with their children in small apartments. Here, the ratio is 19 per cent. Also, people with a foreign passport (17 percent), according to the data more often in a small space than people with a German passport (6 percent). In cities (11 percent), lack of Housing, three times as often as on the Land (4 percent).

Overcrowding is when there are too few rooms for the people living in the household. So for example, if in a multi-person household no community room is available and not for each adult their own room. For couples, the law regards it as permissible, if they share a room. Even in children, a common placement in a room up to 17. The age of the Definition, possible if you have the same gender – otherwise, brothers and sisters, starting on the 13th. Years of age in separate rooms to live.

does not apply, However, any case in which this is not so, immediately as Overcrowding: Many modern apartments are spacious, have open-plan living areas. The number of rooms is small, the square still high. Therefore, it also depends on how much minimum space is available. The district court of Munich, for example, decided that every adult, or two children under the age of 13, a room of twelve square meters, or an average of ten square meters per capita has to come, so that no Overcrowding occurs (that is, AG München, judgement v. 29.4.2015, 415 C 3152/15). The problem is also, if the parents converted the living room, which is actually the common room, to the bedroom, so that each child has a space of its own.

at Least one room per Couple for fear of be

social associations that the lack of Housing could increase in the future, when the baby-boomers in retirement. The Paradox is that the Elderly now live in the larger apartments. While the elderly live on average to 59 square meters, in Germany an average of 46 square meters.

in the Future, especially many of the Senior be, but citizens can no longer afford their large apartments: The baby boomers are likely to expect pensions that are below the present level. Also a lot of East German, by the turn of the significant breaks in your employment history, will soon retire.

Especially of old-age poverty, many women of the baby Boomer Generation will be: Although many of them were economically active, but often only in part-time or as a “mini-jobbers” on the inside. Many of these women will receive in the age to a pension only on the basic security level. At the same time, living costs are rising. “A whole Generation with significantly lower pensions to rising living costs,” said Matthias Günther of Pestel-Institute in Hannover.