The Federal Ministry has opposed the proposal of the Minister of justice Katarina Barley (SPD), that in the case of a sale of real estate in the future, the Principal, the agent’s cost. “We see no positive effects by the broker to the levy,” said the Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry for Build, Marco wall joke (CDU), the editorial network in Germany.

He pointed out that there had been at the residential summit, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) is a gauge program. And after examination by his house they had come to the conclusion, “that this Instrument is disabled, and there are many other instruments that would be more appropriate to come to the relief the issue of costs of the residential property acquisition.”

The CDU politician to limit the purchase of land called, in this context, tax or amounts of tax. “In this respect, we see with concern that the justice wants to go to the Ministry this way,” said wall joke.

criticism on the part of the FDP. This threw Barley a “pseudo-solution”. The brokers costs would be added during the ordering principle on the purchase price, said the construction and housing policy spokesman of the FDP parliamentary group, Daniel Föst. Real relief will only take a free amount of real estate transfer tax.

The süddeutsche Zeitung, according to Barleys plans are also in the Federal Chancellery on reservations. These are not covered by the decisions of the living summit in September 2018.

A spokesman for the Ministry of justice contradicted, meanwhile, by this presentation, and referred to the results of the living summit in September in the Chancellery. It States: “The Federal government is aiming to reduce the costs for the acquisition of self-occupied residential space in the estate agents costs.”


Federal Minister of justice Barley with the reason of their projects, meanwhile, that it’s just for young people and families increasingly difficult to Finance a home of their Own. The süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper, she said: “Often, buyers have to bear enormous brokerage costs, although the seller has engaged the broker.”

the new regulation shall relieve buyer of real estate in the acquisition in addition to costs, which often make up a considerable part. These additional costs include the transfer tax, which is in some States, up to 6.5 percent of the purchase price, and notary and brokerage fees. “As in the case of rentals to real estate the principle purchases ordered ‘Who pays’ apply. “This provides a real competitive and fair prices in the estate agents costs,” said the Minister of the SZ.

switch according to The report, in Germany, according to an estimate by the Federal Statistical office, each year, 500,000 in residential real estate the owner. In almost two out of three cases, brokers are involved with a Commission of up to 7.14 percent of the purchase amount.

According to the Ministry of justice the buyer of houses or apartments, would save in the future through a planned revision of the agents ‘ fees of up to three billion euros. At the same time, brokers need to expect annual revenues of 660 to 750 million euros. On a seller of residential property to additional brokers to come according to the Ministry costs of approximately EUR 3.3 billion.

The Institute of the German economy Cologne (IW) praised the Barleys projects: This is “a step to more transparency in the market and would lead to more competition among the brokers,” said IW real estate expert Pekka Sagner the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung.