2018 are not built enough housing and the pressure on the real estate market. “We should create in the current year, about 300,000 homes,” said Reinhard Quast, President of the Central Association of the German construction industry. In the past year to 285,000 homes had been built. In the next year the number will rise to 315,000 to 320,000. Union and SPD had agreed in the coalition agreement, to create by 2021 1.5 million new homes. That’s the equivalent of 375,000 units per year.

For builders, it is becoming more and more expensive. After a Plus of 3.6 percent in the previous year, 4.5 percent more cost to Build this year, as the President of the main Association of the German construction industry, Peter Hübner said. The order books of construction companies are as full as never before. With a value of 47.6 billion euros, the backlog of orders in September to 14 percent on the strong prior-year value. In some places, it is for Bauwillige difficult to find a company, such as Hübner admitted. Companies also chose more, for which tenders they submit bids.

apartments apply in the face of low interest rates as a good money investment. The economy, as well as the Federal government and the Länder are investing according to industry figures, more into new buildings, roads and railway tracks.

the new building, from the point of view of the construction industry more tax relief needed, as well as more affordable land and types of homes that need to be developed and approved, but in many cases can be built.

in Addition, building materials such as concrete, steel and Bitumen have become significantly more expensive. “You don’t need to believe that the rising prices operate directly on the margins of the construction companies,” said Hübner. The companies are finally able to price their risks appropriately. The company therefore. The number of employees in the industry had increased this year to 832.000, next year, firms expect a further 18.000 settings.

economic concerns are not, met the construction yet, it said. For this year, the construction associations expect an increase in turnover of 6 per cent., the price-adjusted 1.5 per cent. In the next year also 6 and 1 percent are expected.