A majority of the Freiburg and the Freiburg decided in a referendum for the construction of a new city district. 60 percent of the participants voted in accordance with the on Sunday evening published a provisional final result for the so-called Dietenbach-quarter. 40 percent rejected the zoning of the land in the North-West of the baden-württemberg town. The opponents of the project had led to environmental protection aspects.

The plans are an attempt to address the shortage of housing in the University city. The area of 110 hectares and offers space for 6,500 apartments. 15,000 people can live in the new district.

Freiburg is in the living room as one of the most expensive cities. According to the population prognosis of the municipality will draw up to the year 2030 in addition there are around 15,000 people in the 230,000 inhabitants of the city. Around 1,000 new homes would be created each year to meet the demand. Alone by Recompacting, and Increase in the city centre, is not to create.

The participation in the referendum that was brought by opponents of the plans, stood at 49.6 per cent. The question, “Should remain the dietenbach territory undeveloped?” replied 33.833 participants with Yes, 50.846 crossed no.