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“We would like to build more, but there is no more space easy to read.” You can hear it often in the cities. In neighbouring municipalities, there are often many free Fields. In the case of the large housing shortage in the seventies was incorporated, therefore, often the countryside to the city there to extend. This is also a solution to the current rent crisis? Frankfurt’s mayor Uwe Becker wants to make his city by incorporations by 2050 to become the largest metropolis in Germany. This is an approach with many advantages, says real estate economist Tobias Just. The Interview is part of the Living center of gravity.

TIME ONLINE: Mr. Just, can solve the my extension, the problem of space in the cities?

Tobias Just: I am in favour of that – where it is useful. The incorporation has the advantage that you can resolve the conflict between the inside and the outside. Inside the increasingly expensive city outside the cheap surrounding. Our city limits are only a mirror of the past. If economic and social change, to adapt but also the cities. The city is, what works as city.

Tobias Just, Professor for real estate at IREBS Institute for real estate Economics at the University of Regensburg. He is head of the IREBS real estate Academy and is President of the society for real estate economic research. © Hans-Jürgen Heyer/IREBS

TIME ONLINE: Because the surrounding communities are, however, complain when the city grows to you. Many live there because it is so beautifully green.

Just The surrounding municipalities are not able to detach easily from the solution to the problem. You will benefit from a successful core city. Look to Munich or Frankfurt, where two out of three Deal with come from outside. The city takes on many functions: it provides culture, education, and jobs – of which the surrounding areas benefit.

TIME ONLINE: now, the mayor is not in the countryside but like to land. You have blocks of fear of Domination by city residents and new Housing.

Just to Understand: It is always more enjoyable, when others bear the burden. This is also true for the densification: we All want new housing, but please not in front of your own front door, the classic Problem. Even those who moved to Frankfurt-Höchst, defends itself, if made up of three-storey houses, the six-storey. This is humanly understandable, but it is not conducive for urban development. Another example is the former airport Berlin-Tempelhof: One has decided not to build on Tempelhof field. Decided the as always, the Underserved, some have not – the searching, the need something. Build would those not help, the are still living there, and therefore, no politician can choose.