(Montreal) Negotiations to renew the collective agreements will soon begin with Quebec for home childcare providers.

While the largest group, those who are members of CSQ unions, plans to file their demands later this spring, those who are members of unions attached to the CSN do so this Friday.

These home childcare providers must also submit their requests to the constituency office of Family Minister Suzanne Roy, during a “festive gathering”.

In an interview, Chantal Racicot, representative of this sector at the Federation of Health and Social Services, affiliated with the CSN, recalls that there is a shortage of workers in the different forms of childcare services. And, according to her, the best way to alleviate this shortage is to improve their working conditions.

This group is therefore demanding an increase in the subsidy that workers receive that takes inflation into account.

The group also asks for access to a pension plan, as well as an experience recognition bonus and a bonus for remoteness.