The exports of German companies in Iran was last with a high sum by the Federal government, saved: Since 2016, for a total of 58 shops so-called export credit insurance, also called Hermes guarantees were granted. The Federal Ministry of economy informed on request of the German press Agency. Accordingly, the total volume of these insurance policies amounted to 911 million euros.

company will be able to conclude a state export-credit insurance to protect against losses due to lack of payments from foreign business partners. A customer falls in a high-risk market from the rich, the jumps in the state.

goods traffic between Germany and Iran had increased in the past year: The volume of trade was increased by 17 percent to 3.4 billion euros. Since the beginning of this year, trade decreased, however. As a reason for the economic sanctions imposed by the United States under the leadership of President Donald Trump against Iran. On Monday, more punitive measures of the USA against the Oil and banking sector.

The Federal Republic, as the EU reject the extra-territorial sanctions imposed by the United States, because transactions would be prevented, not handled through the United States. The consequences have to be borne by third countries, who are not actually involved in the conflict between the United States and Iran: Trump was about to let all trade in dollars in Iran to ban.

The U.S. government was terminated in may of this year, the nuclear deal with Iran unilaterally. The agreement, which had closed in the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Russia, China and the EU in 2015, with Iran, committed the government of Iran to international controls and a reduction in the activities related to uranium enrichment.

The nuclear agreement with Iran, Trump and the Iran Deal

The 2015 is completed an international nuclear agreement between Iran on the one hand, and the United States, Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany on the other hand, aims to dispel the fear of an Iranian nuclear bomb. The Regime in Tehran is committed to its uranium enrichment dramatically shut down and stricter international controls. In return, the criminal will be abolished, measures against the country gradually.

US President Donald Trump claims that Tehran would not meet the “spirit” of the agreement. Both the continuing Expansion of the Iranian missile program, as well as the military involvement of Iran to the conflicts in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, the U.S. government sees as a violation of the agreement. The US Congress imposed, therefore, Trump repeatedly new sanctions against the Iranian missile program, as well as because of the violation of human rights. Whether the agreement can also be politically interpreted, to doubt the experts. The other States parties committed to the agreement and, where appropriate, improve.