Did you have the right people in the CC and the wrong ones removed before sending an email? US HR professionals made a mistake and sent an applicant their honest opinion about her. She shares screenshots.

“I didn’t take the job,” writes a woman on the platform Reddit, which is used by millions of people. She claims that some time ago she was in the process of applying for a position as a substitute teacher.

Shortly after the interview, emails arrived in the Reddit user’s inbox – from the company she was applying to. The email said: “It doesn’t hurt to hire them and train them and see how it goes. If it’s too difficult, we can just go our separate ways.”

The woman was shocked that people were so negligent as to not check whether she was still in the CC. She continues: “I’m not sure why they called me difficult.” She simply asked for more pay and asked how many vacation days she would be entitled to. The HR managers were then offended by this.

The next step was the confirmation, which the woman also posted on the platform. But she took revenge in creative ways. She canceled: “It is ‘difficult’ for me to continue,” says the teacher’s email, which clearly alludes to the HR manager’s judgment of her.

She concludes the email with the following words: “”It is in your best interest to exclude applicants from email chains in the future.” In response to her snarky email, she has received from the company, which she says has as many teachers as possible wanted to hire someone to collect commission, but she didn’t want to work there anyway because she thought their business model was “robbery”.

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