Heat or thunder? Study the weather forecast for the coming week

last week, a heat wave in Novosibirsk has changed the visible cold with rains and thunderstorms, which are preserved and on the weekends. But the day temperature in the area was 23 degrees. We found out what weather awaits Novosibirsk next week, and looked into the popular virtual meteorological services.

According Gismeteo, the hottest day next week in Novosibirsk will be Tuesday: the thermometer column will rise to +27 ° C, however, the city will cover the snow storm. Also rain with thunderstorm is expected on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday — in the past two days, particularly strong. According to the site, the air temperature by the end of the week will fall Friday, August 21, will be the coldest day. It is expected +18 degrees Celsius. But by the weekend the temperature will gradually increase.