(Montreal) A coalition is mobilizing to oppose the new reform of the health system tabled last month. The “Reply to the Health Plan” coalition says it wants to “stop the machine”.

Health Minister Christian Dubé had promised to “shake the columns of the temple” with his new reform, so he was to expect opposition.

Organizations summoned the media, Thursday morning in Montreal, to express their criticism of the Health Plan unveiled last year by Minister Dubé as well as of Bill 15 concerning the Act to make the system more effective health and social services.

Among the groups opposed to the reform, we note the Coalition Solidarité Santé, the collective Soignons la justice sociale, the Regroupement des aideantes et assistants naturelles de Montréal and the League for Rights and Freedoms.

The coalition, which brings together 35 organizations, denounces what it considers to be a decline in the right to health and a democratic decline in the system.

These groups are also concerned about the acceleration of the privatization of the health system and call for a halt to it.

In particular, they call for the holding of a real public and democratic debate on health.

Note that Bill 15 provides for the creation of a government corporation, Santé Québec, which will be responsible for coordinating the operations of the Québec health network, while the department will retain its role of setting guidelines and allocating budgets.