John Collins, the Atlanta Hawks’ big man, has been in trade discussions in recent weeks. However, it seems that Collins will not be traded before Thursday’s trade deadline. Marc Stein, a NBA insider, said that the Hawks had discussed a variety of trade options with many teams over recent weeks. However, recent momentum suggests that Collins is unlikely to be traded before Thursday’s deadline. Since they traded Cam Reddish to New York Knicks, the Hawks have won eight out of their last ten games. They look completely different. Stein writes that they now “appear to be increasingly prepared for a Collins trade into the offseason.”

Shams Charania, of The Athletic , reported that Simmons, the Philadelphia 76ers’ star, had been a target for the Hawks in recent weeks. The two sides discussed a package including Bogdan Bogdanovic, Collins and draft compensation. These talks are still in flux.

Collins has an average of 16.9 points, 7.9 rebound, and 1.1 blocks per season. He shoots 54.0% from field, 39.7% at three, and 79.1% from free-throw.

He is the Hawks’ highest-paid player at $23,000,000 per season. Through the 2025-26 season, he will be under contract and earn $26,580,000.

The Hawks, who advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals last year, have been one the NBA’s most disappointing teams this season. They are currently 25-27, which ranks them 10th in the Eastern. Atlanta may be turning the corner midseason, given their recent success.