the UK wants to reduce, in the case of a disorderly leaving the EU the import duties. As the government in London announced, should tariffs be eliminated in 87 percent of imports in case of a Brexit, without agreement. They also state that waives customs controls at the border to Ireland.

EU goods, which have remained in Northern Ireland, should be in accordance with any time and unilaterally collected plan of action can be duty-free to the government. Some of these should arrive via the North of Ireland to the other the UK but would customs duties due.

The temporary and for up to twelve months provided the plans are for the case that the British, the European Union on 29. March without an agreement to leave. The government, however, pointed out that the ultimate goal was to exit the EU with an agreement. “Our priority is to secure a Deal with the EU, because the impairments of our global trade would be to prevent relations”, said the Minister for trade policy, George Hollingbery.

Angela Merkel – “The options have become lower,” The Chancellor calls on the UK to say whether there will be after the failed Brexit vote a unregulated outlet. Only then will the EU be able to respond. © Photo: Reuters TV

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, was the outlet on Tuesday evening in the second starting with the agreement to the EU in the house of Commons failed. The deputies rejected the submission, in spite of further Commitments by the EU, again with a large majority. From the point of view of the EU, the vote increases the risk of an unregulated exit apply on 29. March.

the EU wants, in a No-Deal-Brexit duties

In the case of a disordered Brexit the UK would no longer be part of the customs Union of the EU. The trade would then run according to the rules of the world trade organization, and for goods from the UK then the external tariffs of the EU would apply. The EU-negotiated agreement, however, provides a transitional period until 2021, which aims to give both sides time to agree on a new trade agreement.

The EU Commission announced to want to trade with the UK, the normal customs requirements of the WTO apply, should it come to a disorderly Brexit. This was important for the EU to remain a reliable trade partner for the Rest of the world, said the Brussels authority.

So it goes with the Brexit

the UK is in a cul-de-SAC. In the house there is no Brexit-a variant of a majority.