The rapid aging of Japan opens the migrants is stronger for foreign Labor and migrants. The world’s third-largest economy sets new visa rules in force in the next few years, several hundred thousand guest workers in the country – especially from neighboring countries such as China, Indonesia, the Philippines or Vietnam. So far, Japan emphasizes the homogeneity of the population and takes up hardly any refugees.

first Visumstyp allowed foreigners with simple Japanese – as well as certain Jobkenntnissen employment of up to five years in 14 industries, including the construction, agriculture and care for the elderly. Family members are not allowed to be brought in. The government estimates that about 47,000 foreigners will receive the visa in the first year. Over the next five years to about 345,000 migrants. Experts estimate the demand, however, more than a Million people.

the use of Foreign labor with higher education and specialised skills in the houses and ship-building can extend your stay in the scheme, according to your visa unlimited, renew and also your family members into the country. So far, Japan had lawyers such visas to foreigners with high education and plenty of work experience, such as Doctors, law and teachers is limited.

Due to the rapid aging of the population and a low birth rate, the economy has Long called for more Guest workers and guest workers. The number of foreign workers has doubled already from 680.000 in the year 2012 to almost 1.5 million more than. These so-called Trainees are being exploited, according to the lawyers, often as cheap labour and a life isolated from society. To confront problems, has instructed the Ministry of justice companies to pay guest workers the same or even higher wages for Japanese workers.