The father of the girl from Granby tried to convince the Parole Board of Canada to regain her freedom on Thursday. Correctional services recommended that the 34-year-old man be granted day parole in a halfway house when the grandmother of the little victim judged that it was still too early. The commissioners must render their decision within 15 days.

“Never, I could have thought it would ever come to this,” said the father who wrapped his daughter in duct tape and secured her to the floor of his bedroom in April 2019. “My thought was not rational. I didn’t think about it…I came up with a drastic solution that wasn’t appropriate,” he tried to explain.

The man who pleaded guilty to a forcible confinement charge said he wanted to prevent his daughter from hurting herself by exiting her bedroom through a window. “My goal was more restraint than sequestration. But I didn’t take it the right way. I should have taken him to the hospital. It is undeniable with hindsight, “said the one who has been incarcerated for 15 months.

“I lost everything that day. I lost my daughter, I lost my family, I lost my job. I was a good worker who made his living… But I made the wrong decisions that led me to where I am today. All I want is to rebuild myself and never experience something like this again,” he told the two commissioners.

Correctional services recommended that the man be granted day parole in a halfway house. He would be required to hold a job, abide by a curfew, and report his friendships or romantic relationships with women. He would be prohibited from being in the presence of children under the age of 16.

In fifteen months of detention, the man has not been “involved in institutional shenanigans” and has not received an offense report, corrections reported. He completed secondary 5, works as a janitor and has started a therapeutic follow-up.

As soon as the hearing opened, the grandmother of the little victim read a letter to the commissioners pleading that it is still too early to release her son. “If it’s only been a year, that’s downright unacceptable. By releasing it so quickly, you are sending the message that a child is not important. It does not matter even if the child was tortured to the point of death. »

More details to come.