History 08/01/20 “Gopnik”: how they actually appeared in the USSR

a little-known projects of the post-revolutionary era include the creation of the State dormitory of the proletariat, one of the first Soviet commune that was located in Petrograd. From the acronym GOP, according to the researchers, has spread the word “Gopnik” in its modern sense – “the representative of the marginalized urban youth close to the crime.”

GOP commune

the Soviet GOP No. 1 was located in several buildings of the hotel “Oktyabrskaya” in the center of Moscow station. He appeared out of the blue – before the revolution here was based Urban society of charity, who took custody of the teen-homeless.
the State (or, according to other sources, the City) hostel of the proletariat was intended for workers and peasants, who came to Petrograd from the province to work and also for unemployed people Petrograd lumpen-proletarians. On young vagrants have not forgotten them, according to some sources, the remains were brought to the GOP. However, the re-education of homeless children the new government put on the rails of the dominant ideology. According to journalist Leonid Luzhkov, the inhabitants of the Gopa, was exempt from household duties – they ate in the canteens, and the clothes were passed to wash the Laundry.
In the early 20-ies of Lenin expressed the idea that communism will come when smallholder households massively “reconstructed” in the “largest socialist economy”.
“the household in most cases is the most unproductive, the most savage and the most serious work”, – said the leader of the world proletariat, speaking to the Soviet women. Apologists of the communization of everyday life it seemed that vysvobozhdeny from cooking and housework time proletarians will be spent on useful work and cultural leisure. The validity of the Petrograd commune was very far from thesex rainbow prestavlenie.

Like “Gopnik”

Ligovskiy Prospekt, which was the GOP, after the Civil war was an area of high concentration of street gangs. Here, for example, it was always possible to get popular at that time, the drug cocaine. “Gopnik” the townspeople began to call not only the inhabitants of the proletarian dormitories, but all the tramps, robbers and bullies, terrorizing the neighborhood.
“the Number of Gopnik is defined in the leagues,” was the Petrograd proverb of the time. If a person wanted to point to uncivilized behavior, that he was asked not to Ligovka if he lives.
Inhabiting a working commune newcomers “limitchik” not only was well able to stand up for themselves in confrontations with street punks, but sometimes nothing does not differ from it. Orders inside the hostel, as researchers say, resembled something like a gang club that lived by the laws of thieves. In this regard, the abbreviation GOP began to decipher as “Hotel of the poor proletariat.”
“To the mid-1920s, the dorms were written nearly four hundred men, whose average age did not exceed 24 years. For the most part have two days in the building there was not a single sober person. Robbed “hop-Nicky” all who ventured to approach their lair is closer than a kilometer,” – describes the harsh realities of those years, the St. Petersburg writer Ilya Stogov. According to him, the State dormitory of the proletariat was closed after 1926 and its inhabitants have arranged the gang rape of the working Lyubov Belyakova. 20-year-old girl from the village who had the temerity to walk on Ligovka, young boys force dragged into the garden where she was violated 40 people. It was worth the “pleasure” of 15 cents for everyone. The victim survived, but her one night had infected a whole bunch of sexually transmitted diseases. Probably, many participants of this action, too literally understood the Communist calls for “free love”, wondered why the seven of them, the court sentenceIl shoot.
After the closing Gopala “October” again began to fulfil functions of the hotel. The word “Gopnik” has continued to live his life as a symbol of an integral part of the Soviet and post-Soviet society.

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