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Gina Miller, the daughter of Indian parents in Guyana as a ten-year-old to Britain for education. She is an entrepreneur in the City of London, jurist, and has set 2016 before the British Supreme court of justice by the British government to inform the EU about the planned Brexit, in accordance with article 50, after the Parliament had agreed.

you also founded the campaign to End the Chaos, with the population about the Brexit will be informed. It is considering, according to the Brexit, if there should be a new liberal centre party, in politics.

Zeit ONLINE: Ms. Miller, on Tuesday, the British Parliament is going to vote probably against the Brexit-a compromise between the UK and the EU. Thus, a constitutional crisis is looming in the UK. How could it come so far?

Gina Miller: great Britain was simply too arrogant and underestimated the EU’s. The British side believed for a long time that the Europeans will eventually respond to their demands, and, ultimately, yield. This misconception is now paying the price.

TIME ONLINE: The British are often accused of being, to know really what you want at all.

Miller: That’s true. Many politicians in the UK – whether it is a single parliamentarians or members of government – have not even tried to understand what is at stake in the crucial negotiating points.


Miller: you were just extremely naive. Of the 650 MPs in Parliament at the beginning of the Brexit negotiations only 87 parliamentarians, the confidential studies of the government to the consequences of the Brexits have ever read. Most said simply: “it will be fine. The Details are not important.” A Cabinet member told me that he had understood only in July 2018 on a trip to Norway, where the Norway model. At the same time the British Negotiators were made to the specifications that are not met.

Zeit ONLINE: What do you mean specifically?

Miller: The British government has a framework for the negotiations, which taken together unrealistic were: get Out of the single market, out of the customs Union, the end of work freedom of movement. At the same time, but they wanted a smooth flow of trade across the borders, and no hard limit in Ireland. This is what happens when you power to the people false promises. We have promised the people gifts, and today, it is clear that the Brexit will be a burden. It is an act of self-destruction. The country is isolated, and there is no realistic Plan for the future.

, It is, as politicians, easy to say: “you are bad. You are entitled to something Better.” It is much harder to honestly admit that a mistake has been made and these now need to correct.

TIME ONLINE: What are the errors?

Miller: The policy, the social consequences of the financial crisis has not solved, the consequences of the harsh austerity policy and the consequences of technological change. Instead, the politicians play power games. Unfortunately, this is not only in the UK. You can’t see the Brexit detached from Trump, from the shift to the right in politics in Europe, from the right-wing populism. We were once almost 100 years ago. We know how it ended.

TIME ONLINE: How dangerous is the current Situation for democracy in the UK?