The federal government wants to use a new strategy to clear the existing digitization backlog. “We have to get out of the discussion of visions for the future and into the concrete implementation,” said Digital Minister Volker Wissing (FDP) in an interview with “Tagesspiegel Background Digitization”.

The digital strategy is to be decided on Wednesday at the cabinet meeting at Schloss Meseberg. Concrete projects have been agreed that are to be implemented by 2025 and by which the government wants to be measured. “We have to be among the top ten in Europe,” says Wissing about the goals.

However, the amount of the planned digital budget is open. The digital minister does not see the fact that it may not be available until the 2024 budget as a problem. “I’m not worried about the funding,” says Wissing. “We will do everything that is necessary to secure the financing of the flagship projects and, above all, the lever projects.” So far, there has not been a financial problem with digitization, but rather an implementation problem.