A German solitude regulator prohibited Facebook on Tuesday from collecting data on WhatsApp users, mentioning an upgrade to its privacy policy which breaches strict European data protection guidelines by enabling access to more info about the chat app’s users

LONDON — A German privacy watchdog prohibited Facebook on Tuesday from collecting information on users of its WhatsApp discussion program, citing an upgrade to its own privacy policy which it said breaches strict European data protection guidelines.

“The arrangement is meant to protect the rights and rights of many millions of consumers that consent to the conditions of usage during Germany,” Caspar said in an announcement. “The intention is to prevent pitfalls and harm related to such a black-box process”

Caspar’s office stated the upgraded terms and privacy policy permitting Facebook entry to a whole lot more info on WhatsApp users were overly broad rather than transparent.

The watchdog opened pressing proceedings last month due to concerns which WhatsApp users were needing to consent to the upgrade May 15 or they would not have the ability to keep on with the service.

WhatsApp denied that the upgrade is connected with almost any expansion of information sharing with Facebook, pointing out it’s connected only to messages between companies and clients.

The arrangement”is based on a basic misunderstanding of the intent and impact of WhatsApp’s upgrade and consequently has no valid foundation,” WhatsApp stated in a statement, adding that since the Hamburg operator’s claims are incorrect, it would not influence the upgrade’s rollout.

WhatsApp originally tried to present the upgrade at the beginning of the year but backed away following a wave of misinformation and confusion among consumers, a lot of whom flocked into rival chat programs like Signal and Telegram.

Caspar cautioned that using 60 million consumers in Germany, there is a threat WhatsApp might be employed to affect voters in September national elections through Facebook advertising.

Facebook’s Italian headquarters is based in Hamburg, providing Caspar authority at the federal level in regards to Implementing the EU’s rigorous General Data Protection Legislation for the business.