The airline Germania needed financial assistance. The Airline check “currently several options for a financing to secure short-term liquidity needs,” it said in a company statement. The European aviation industry have changed in the recent past, “strong”. Especially the past year was associated with great challenges.

Germania had impairments Charged to the “massive kerosene price increases” during the summer, coupled with the depreciation of the Euro against the Dollar, delays in the Acquisition of aircraft, as well as an “exceptionally high number of technical services”. It is now a question of how the medium-sized company still in a market environment, which was dominated by Airlines with “group-like structures”. The air travel Portal aeroTelegraph, a sale of the company, is also conceivable.

Despite the money problems, all flights are to take place as planned. The Airline is headquartered in Berlin and transported according to its own figures, every year, four million passengers and flies to more than 60 destinations.