Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has condemned as a prelude to the G20 summit in Argentina, sanctions and protectionism. “A vicious practice of the return to illegal, unilateral sanctions and protectionist measures, widening, bypasses the UN Charter, the rules of the world trade organisation and internationally recognised legal standards,” Putin said in Buenos Aires.

the President of Russia at that time, apparently, to the policy of U.S. President Donald Trump, followed a protectionist economic policy. Also, Trump had criticized shortly before that, Russia’s actions against Ukraine, and therefore, a Meeting with Putin in Buenos Aires cancelled.

Putin said that a “honest, on the principle of equality of States-based dialogue” will always be replaced more often of “dishonest competition”. This is said to have “an extremely negative impact on the international cooperation”.

Russia because of the Ukraine conflict in 2014, with economic sanctions imposed by the EU and the USA occupied. In early November, the U.S. tightened their sanctions. Trump imposed in his first two years in office are already a whole series of further punitive measures against Russia because of alleged Russian interference in the US election in 2016, and because of the poison attack on the former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal in the UK last March.

Putin holds impromptu Meeting with Trump for possible

On the sidelines of the G20 summit, Putin should get together with Trump to a bilateral conversation. The President of the U.S. said the Meeting, but later with a view to the new escalation in the Ukraine conflict. The President of Russia, according to the Ria Novosti news Agency is still of the view that a spontaneous Meeting with Trump could take place.

At the G20 summit, which takes place today, Friday and Saturday, will be, among other things, the trade relations, the conflict in Ukraine and the killing of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi topics. The Meeting began in the afternoon without German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who arrived due to a breakdown in their government machine too late in Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires – G20-summit starts without Angela Merkel In Buenos Aires, the G20 has begun to summit. Angela Merkel was absent at the opening of her Meeting with Vladimir Putin, however, take place as planned. © Photo: Andres Martinez Casares/Reuters

With voltage is expected in the coming hours, among other things, a Meeting between Trump and the Chinese head of state Xi Jinping.

the Saudi crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is in Buenos Aires. He is suspected of the murder of the government-critical journalists Khashoggi commissioned, or have at least known about it. The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, and the British Prime Minister, Theresa May want to meet with the crown Prince, to speak about the case. Trump, who stands by his allies, Salman – because the time is lacking, he said.

, it is Unclear whether it will be at the end of the meeting a joint statement. From the G20 circles, it was said that the biggest obstacle for this purpose, the subject of climate. Summit-host Mauricio Macri said that global challenges required global responses. Here are just a “dialogue, dialogue and again dialogue to help”.